Marsters & Johnson Quintet

If you are looking for something different yet classy for your
wedding or holiday party give us a call. We do all jazz standards
and much more. Let us create the perfect evening for you and
your guests!
Willie Johnson, Me, Steve Grover at Events on Broadway
Zack's Jam Session with Eric Stokes, Fitz Jenkins, Kenny Gasper & Bob Charest
Jamm Session with Kyle Hardy, Fitz Jenkins, Tony Gaboury, Micah Mario
M & JQuintet with Seth Kearns, Fitz Jenkins, Willie Johnson & Steve Grover
Willie Johnson, Steve Grover, Jeff Witherell, Fitz Jenkins & Me
Jeff Witherell, Tony Gaboury, Bob & Cindy Charest at the Jam Session
Jeff Witherell, Tony Gaboury, Bob & Cindy Charest
Steve Grover, Fitz Jenkins, Me, Bob Charest & Kenny Gasper.
Jam Session with many players!
Sunday Jazz Brunch with Mr Doane, Sam Martel, Ben Bridges & Al Doane
The crowd at Zackery's enjoying the show!