About Me

Hello!  My name is Richard Marsters. I am an accomplished jazz
trumpet, flugelhorn, and flute player. My latest accomplishment is the
piano and I am very excited to learn more every day. I am the band
leader for a nonet named Cool Shade of Blue,  and have the ability to
work as a quintet, quartet, trio or duo.  I also do a solo act using
prerecorded accompaniment. The single show I perform is perfect soft
music for a restaurant. It is my philosophy that food and music are the
very core of culture.  It is my goal, with my single act, to make live
music accommodating to restaurants who believe dining out should be
a memorable experience. Most recently, I attended the University of
Southern Maine as a music student as well as performing and look
forward to completion of my studies.  Previously, I attended the Berklee
School of Music in Boston, MA. and spent four years as a featured
soloist with the United States Navy Band. I have taught private music
lessons and worked for many public schools teaching music, more
specifically jazz improvisation including Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough,
Westbrook and Sommerville, SC. over the past 20 years. I have
recorded three albums over the past five years and I am currently
working on a new one.I have over 30 years of performing experience
behind me. I am ambitious, very outgoing and love performing for
people.  I can be seen at various local restaurants & clubs. Please see
my performance page for dates and times. Feel free to stop by and
check it out any time! I am very flexible about scheduling and would
enjoy the opportunity to discuss this with you.  If this sounds like
something you are interested in, please call or email me. Thank you
for taking the time to read this!